Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is a process of reflecting upon your work to develop your skills and knowledge. Many professionals seek supervision outside their organization as they find that their manager or supervisor has to compete or balance supervision against organizational demands. Professionals often feel a lot more comfortable and confident discussing their strengths and weaknesses as a worker with someone that does not have a vested interested in making sure they are performing.

Various evidence based literature and research on supervision proves how it links to improved job satisfaction and performance, as well as decreased burnout. My service provides preventive and proactive interventions for the early detection and /or resolution of both professional and personal issues that may adversely affect performance and wellbeing of your self or staff. This might include but not limited to various social, situational, coping issues, communication issues and any mental health issues.

Clinical supervision helps with clinical governance, organisational accountability, support for clinical staff with work challenges and ensuring client welfare.

Where is Supervision offered?

Supervision is offered:

  • On site, in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat.
  • By telephone
  • In your location as discussed and arranged.

Supervision is offered on supervisees preference.

Other services?

While providing regular Counselling and Clinical Supervision is my main function, mediation, mentoring, employee assistance and consultancy can also be offered by arrangement.

Following core Supervision values as guided by Australian Association Of Social Workers (AASW)

Respect for Persons

This value relates to the nature of supervisory relationships and in the manner in which client issues and workplace relationships are addressed in supervision. In particular, efforts should be made to under-stand different viewpoints.

Social Justice

As a core obligation of social work, social justice principles should guide content, choices, processes and goals of supervision, with special regard for those who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or oppressed.

Professional Integrity

The principles of honesty, transparency, reliability, empathy, reflective self-awareness, discernment, competence and commitment are expected to underlie professional supervision relationships and processes. Professional supervision is part of the social worker’s ongoing responsibility for the quality of practice performance.

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